"Bronies are so fucking gross"


"they’re fat autistic and like a shitty cartoon for girls"


Remember kids: There are plenty of gross things bronies do that you can criticize. Weight and neurodivergence are not examples of those things.

Thor is gone.
Loki vows to find him.
One upon a time there were two brothers...
...who grew up... love each other.
There's rain in the desert...
...just the way Loki likes it.


The Collaborative Project Series One


For the final collaboration project, I have teamed up with the lovely and talented Cavaleirahh. Go right now and read her amazing epic, "If You Built Yourself A Myth." There are slight spoiler warnings for Iron Man 3. 


First, Loki finds Thor in an unresponsive state.

And then, Little Thor takes Little Loki by the hand.

And then, Loki reflects on his brother.

And then, the brothers come together before everything falls apart.

And lastly, Thor and Loki sit under a tree in New Mexico.

Please don’t forget to read the story— and if you liked it— then please let us know!

Thanks everyone :)

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